Piece n chips

As wee bites go, ye cannae wack
The awesomeness of a Scots snack
Whether deep fried Mars,
or battered ice cream

Us Scots know whit
eating food really means

But for the purpose
aw this wee trip

A want tae tell ye
aboot ma piece n chips

Ye know doon in Wales, when in TC
Nuffink could be pit oan a piece
Apparently they didnae appreciate
A piece n pizza delicacy
Bolognese between two breid
Also left them quite aggrieved

So aifter dinner every night
Yir bread suffered a rotten plight
Wae only butter tae flavour it
The breid was often left oan the plate
Cos after church oan a Sunday night

We gote tae end the pieces plight
As Sunday nights wid come
An wen coming back fae Swansea too
We wid stoap aff for Cross Hands Chips
The taste already oan oor lips

Back in the centre we sat doon
And grabbed the breid, and gaithered roon
Like laddies waiting for mair worship
We devoured aw wir pieces n chips

© Stuart Patterson 2019

I have also now published two poem books. You can get them either direct from me, or direct from Amazon

Simply Jesus

Five weeks in May

This poem is part of a wider collection to show the journey that would eventually lead me to the cross of Jesus Christ, my personal redemption, and my journey of faith afterwards. If you would like to know more of my story, please click on my “About” page and take it from there.

Alternatively, you can visit the Media Links page and see a short visit done by BBC Radio Scotland for an interview I did there.

If you or someone you love, needs help with the Christian response to addiction, or if you would just like to know more or need hope, please click on one of the following:

The Haven
Teen Challenge Strathclyde
Teen Challenge UK
Teen Challenge Global
Street Connect
Bethany Christian Trust
Cornerstone Assemblies of God, Maryland
Broken Chains Ayr
Easterhouse Community Church
Stuart Patterson


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