A single change

The task for Writing Real Life was to think of one change you would make. One thing. And what you hoped for. A single change –An enabling to go back in time – just once – the gift of fifty. To make one stop and enact one change that would make a difference. My mum … More A single change

56 Echoes

Sipping on a cup of coffee, as I mine away in the memory stores of my mind, I go to Facebook for a moment’s relief. A name pops up of an old friend that I haven’t chatted to in a wee whie. Ahh it’s David, I should say hello. Messenger opened, clicking in the box … More 56 Echoes

44 – Communication (Part 2) – First Class Post (2000)

So life carried as normal for a couple of weeks. As I mixed back into the Teen Challenge routine the odd thought would cross my mind about the mysterious Irish lady in the other side of the phone. Tracy was different, though. Whether it was pity, or boredom or something else (after 18 years I … More 44 – Communication (Part 2) – First Class Post (2000)