History versus the future
how do they combine
What lessons to be learned
when the two intertwine
Past mistakes and victory
signposts on the way
The shoulders of long gone giants
marks my destiny

I am getting old now
But only in the flesh
The body maybe wasting
Longing for eternal rest
as my clock is winding down
But, inside my brain cells
Freedom joins the melee
The days are getting longer
I am ready for the fray
My thoughts are getting stronger
Like a battlefield, heavenly
As their courage I threat to borrow
At last I take my place
Knowing the pull of tomorrow
Leads me in today

So, the past may help and guide me
But only by pushing on
Into the lives of tomorrow
And help with their victory song
Shadows all around me
Urging me further on
The thick fog of past times
Clears, the mist is gone

So ramblin through this pattern
I arrive at this cross
Regrets are pushed aside
To become yesterday’s loss
I place my thoughts
In the Hands of
Him who knows it all
He has the biggest shoulders
He can take it all
His sweet and gentle whisper
Guides me in “this is the way,
Walk ye in it”
He will always take me
Beyond my mind’s own limit

©Stuart Patterson 2018

This blog is part of a wider collection to show the journey that would eventually lead me to the cross of Jesus Christ, my personal redemption, and my journey of faith afterwards. If you would like to know more of my story, please click on my “About” page and take it from there.

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