Bliss with a kiss

A moment in time with a prick in the arm and a rush of confusion and infusion. Opiate racing through my circulation. Its’ horrific bliss with heroin’s kiss My nose is itchy, and my tongue is dry. Stomach retching. Is this the high they spoke about when sharing the wonders of poison in brown, wrapped … More Bliss with a kiss


Disappointingly defeated Despisingly distraught Dumped in the dilemma Daily disasters have brought Escalating emotions Exhausting energy Emitting the elixir Emphatically to nought Feeling like failure Fearing my thoughts Fixed on the firestorm Fierce friction has wrought Chokingly charred Chimney all choked Chased by the challenge Cheers so remote Opportunity opposed Origins obsolete Observing my onslaught … More DEFCON 1


Just a bit of fun. I opened up my WordPress as I wanted to write a poem as a bit of light relief over the full on couple of weeks I have been through. The beckoning, flashing title at the top made me smile and I thought I would see if I could do soemthing … More Title


“YTS not a success
It gave me less and less
Magnified my inner stress
Kept me hopeless”
More YTS

Light from Darkness

Living my life in the darkness Lying awake, trembling, shaking, wondering why Ripping off, stealing, robbing, beating If it goes on like this I’ll surely die So on my knees, “God please help me, Forgive me, save me, show me what’s right Wondering, praying, asking – knowing God would let me see the light Thank-you … More Light from Darkness


Words On a page Sounding sage Lived an age Coming through From me to you Expressing heart, It’s a start Maybe a switch To make you tick Or maybe just be fun From this Glasgow one ©Stuart Patterson 2018 This POST is part of a wider collection to show the journey that would eventually lead … More Words


For me, poetry can be a way of giving a snapshot of a thought process going on in my mind. There are many aspects to the issue and many subtle nuances to it all. Ultimately though, the finished edited version will not be a full and transparent insight, more a filtered Instagram type word image. … More Pixels

Like me

Wanting to be liked In the words that I write. From pain etched in the heart, my like is a start of a journey I hope you will take Needy deep in prose The con is the thorn Needling the rose Pretending to place Your prose with my praise Hiding the stats response I like … More Like me

Marvellous Madness

What a day, in every wayThe marvellous madness of MathsWith formulae sounding like the liturgy of MassIts models and mannersand shapes throwing spanners.til the college buds springinto steps helping methese problems’ solutions see Onto break now laughter comesliterary devices multiplying fun.library quiet -not a chance, not a hopethe units combine, it helps us to cope … More Marvellous Madness


History versus the future how do they combine What lessons to be learned when the two intertwine Past mistakes and victory signposts on the way The shoulders of long gone giants marks my destiny I am getting old now But only in the flesh The body maybe wasting Longing for eternal rest as my clock … More Ramblin’

Ring of Smoke

Taking a puff on a cancer stick Not really thinking of being sick The momentary relief of the tar and the ‘tine Peace in my life through poison unseen Years pass through with no noticeable news Of the dreaded demand of its dirty dues Not knowing of the constricted tightness of breath That would hurry … More Ring of Smoke

Airplane Gaze

Just setting the scene for how it went down Looking back on my past and the life that I found Standing on a playing field, looking up at the sky Knowing it was imminent, I was gonna die As the plane flew over, the tremor was real But not from the engines this shaking I … More Airplane Gaze

Thanks for being you

Thanks for being you Maybe not the best version But original through and through You didn’t try and copy the social media fake friends and acquaintances or trail in their wake of pretence and imagery A pseudonym trying to make Thanks for being you you played no small part In helping God to mould me … More Thanks for being you


Decisions and choices In the midst of the voices Making me choose Which way to go If it’s this then make it so But what if it’s that How will I know The paths laid out clearly before me But the well-worn grass Is just too long to see Through to the outcome So HOW … More Decisions

The Fog

Darkness hung on the phantom light Through the mystery of the impenetrable cloud Every movement that cannot be seen Exaggerated into ghosts graves and ghouls Groaning into phantom memories Of yesterday and of what might have been Twisting our guilt in remembered scenes Our today locked with an unknown key That leaves liberty languishing longingly … More The Fog


Seems like he’s picking them off one by one How long will it be before they are all gone? My dear dear friends, who were always around Now it seems so few are left to be found Who is to blame for my generations loss? Who is responsible? Who will pay the cost? Is it … More Role


When all the hurt inside is trying to come out And all the pin you have makes you doubt When sorrows from before come back to haunt And your past catches up to try and taunt Just come to the One you know you can trust Give Him it all before you bust He is … More Tears