“let me entertain you” rang out the words of the song. I was sitting at my keyboard, watching and waiting on the cur- sor do- ing its mag- ic. My eyes were drawn to the box in the corner that Robbie sang out from. My mind was locked on the screen, now caught up with … More Prisoner

45 Communication (part 3) – Personal Delivery (2000)

A few letters later, it was time for a good old Teen Challenge graduation. These were big occasions. Guys and lassies that had been in the death grip of addiction had broken free because of God’s love in Christ, had completed the requirements of the intensive Teen Challenge programme and were about to graduate. In … More 45 Communication (part 3) – Personal Delivery (2000)

44 – Communication (Part 2) – First Class Post (2000)

So life carried as normal for a couple of weeks. As I mixed back into the Teen Challenge routine the odd thought would cross my mind about the mysterious Irish lady in the other side of the phone. Tracy was different, though. Whether it was pity, or boredom or something else (after 18 years I … More 44 – Communication (Part 2) – First Class Post (2000)

43 – Communication (Part 1) – “Talk to me mate” (2000)

“Here will ye talk to me mate, no one ever calls him?” And with that sort of well intended remark begain the romance of my life. Stephen was my friend in Teen Challenge, and along with Paul Morgan, at that time we shared a house in Penygroes in South West Wales. We were all graduates … More 43 – Communication (Part 1) – “Talk to me mate” (2000)

41 – Lost (2018)

It is too wonderful. You are doing the job you always longed for. Your kids are wonderfully happy and bringing nothing but joy to your soul. Real friends, voices, emotions and even touch. The incredible sensation of things hoped for coming to past. Family you thought had long gone are having supper with you. Such … More 41 – Lost (2018)

38 – Milk n a piece n jam (Part 3 – Chips) (1997)

Piece n chips Posted on Jun 20, 2019 by stupatterson As wee bites go, ye cannae wackthe awesomeness of a Scots snackWhether deep fried Mars,or battered ice creamus Scots know whiteating food really means But for the purposeaw this wee tripa want tae tell yeaboot ma piece n chips Ye know doon in Wales, when in TCnuffink could … More 38 – Milk n a piece n jam (Part 3 – Chips) (1997)

35 – JP (2002)

This blog was originally going to be part of another, but as I was writing it, it was obvious that the moments recalled needed to be on their own. Christmas 2002. That was tough. Tracy and I were now married and living in our own fantastic apartment in the Irish Financial Services Centre (IFSC) in … More 35 – JP (2002)

Media Links

Hi thank you for visiting my story. Please find below media interviews etc regarding my story. Stephen Jardine interview, starts 67 minutes in Mark McGivern Daily Record article Mark McGivern article on methadone and me This POST is part of a wider collection to show the journey that would eventually lead me to the cross … More Media Links